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Finger Stack Happy Beaks Finger Stack by A&E is an excellent toy that encourages your bird's natural instinct to forage and play with its' colorful and fun design. It will keep your pet entertained as well as giving it the exercise it needs. This will keep your bird alert, happy, and healthy. Toys offer birds to play which help foster better mental health and independence. The finger stack is crafted of natural palm and plastic. It includes all of your bird's favorites; paper finger traps, plastic rings, wiffle balls and a ringing bell. Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 2" Small Birds Parrakeet Lovebird Lorries Canaries Finches Canary Wing Quaker Cockatiel Medium Birds Cockatiel Lorries Conure Mini Macaw Large Birds Amazon African Gray Cockatoo

Finger Stack

SKU: 644472011272
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