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Cinnamon Green Cheek

Cinnamon green cheek mutations have lighter green wing and lighter blue flight feathers than yellow-sided or normal mutations. In addition, cinnamon mutations have a tan/brown beak and head, instead of the black/gray beak and head feathers of previous mutations.


Cinnamon green cheek conures have a bright yellow and red chest, red tail feathers, and light pink feet much like yellow sided conures.


Cinnamon green cheek mutations have a much more independent personality than yellow sided or normal green cheek conures. Cinnamon green cheeks are more shy and cautious around strangers, and really only warm up and become affectionate once they get to know you.

Pineapple Green Cheek

Pineapple green cheek mutations have a yellow and red chest color, wing color, head color,and pink feet. Pineapple green cheeks appear totally rare and distinct from all other mutations, including cinnamons, yellow sided mutations, and normal green cheek conures.


Pineapple green cheek conures are named for their distinct coloring of red and yellow feathers making them look like a ripe pineapple.


Because pineapple conures result from breeding cinnamon green cheek conures with yellow-sided green cheeks, these small parrots have the best of both personalities. These mutations are more fun loving than yellow sided green cheek conures, and wont tire of playing with you or by themselves. They are slightly cautious and shy, like cinnamon green cheek conures, but dont take long to warm up and become friendly.

Turquoise Green Cheek

Blue green cheeks are the rarest genetic mutation, with a lovely muted sapphire wing hue. They additionally actually have a dull burgundy tail, off white base, and glowing blue-dull head and also beak.


Blue green cheeks are the most stand-offish of the green cheek mutations. Expect plenty of snuggles out of this genetic mutation and also a nibble whenever they've been satisfied with the amount.

Yellow Sided Green Cheek

Yellow-sided green cheek mutations have green wings tipped with blue, a red tail, and black/gray head feathers. Yellow sided mutations look exactly like normal green cheek conures, but with one difference: a chest full of bright yellow and red (not gray) feathers. In addition, yellow sided green cheek conures will have pink feet, unlike normal conures.


Equal to the normal green cheek mutation, yellow sided green cheeks are independent and fun loving. These birds will snuggle with you, and care for you, closing their little eye as they drift off to sleep. After their nap, expect much clowning around as their fun personality traits come forth.


Dont feel guilty about leaving your green cheek parakeet alone for hours these birds wont suffer behavior problems.

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