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Jenday conures have a reputation for being a little more laid back than other conures, but that’s not to say that they don’t enjoy and expect plenty of interaction with their people. Like most conures, they appreciate bird toys that can be chewed up.

Jenday Conure

Nanday conures are not quiet birds but they make fantastic pets. They are affectionate toward their owners and talented talkers, capable of learning several words and short phrases. Its a medium-sized parrot that is also very intelligent and thrives on being taught fun tricks that are sure to entertain.

Nanday Conure

The sun conure is bold in both appearance and in personality. Suns are known for their vocalizing, which can be loud a times, as well as their playfulness and adventurous nature.


The sun conure is one of the more popular conures of its size due to its stunning plumage, its extraordinary disposition, and its exceptional quality as a companion bird. Sun conures are lively, vocal, and expressive; this is a bird best known for its beauty and its big mouth.

Sun Conure

The White-eyed Conure or White-eyed Parakeet(Aratinga leucophthalma) is native to northern South America.


This conure is overall green, slightly paler on the breast and abdomen, with red on the shoulders and some random red specks on the head and neck. There are a few scattered red feathers to the bend and edge of wing, as well as outermost lesser under wing-coverts / feathers. The underwing primary wing coverts are red tipped yellow. The underside of the wing and tail feathers are olive-yellow. The irises are brown, the feet are grey, and the bill is horn-colored.


The White-eyed Conures are amongst the better talkers of the conure family. Well-socialized White-eyed Conures can be sweet and loving pets. They are rarely destructive and are generally not screamers, often choosing to mimic speech instead. Personality always varies from bird to bird, but they are generally known to be very playful and inquisitive. As is the case with most conure species, they can get loud at times - some more often than others, depending on personality and training.

White-Eyed Conure
Green Cheek Conure

Green-cheeked conures can be outgoing and comical, but they can also be a little shyer than other conures. These birds love their play and will appreciate a good rotation of toys and a spacious cage to run around.


The Green-cheeked conure is a favorite among bird novices because of its relatively low price, small stature, temperament, and relatively low noise level, at least compared to its larger cousins.

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