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Availability dependent on the season. Be sure to call for availability!

Black-headed parrots are energetic pets. They need a large cage with lots of toys and perches (they tend to hop more than fly). 

The black-headed parrot can have a tendency to bite, so owners may need to set boundaries early on. However, potential owners should prepare for a bird that uses its beak more often than other parrot species.

Black-headed parrots poorly mimic human speech. They will mimic other surrounding sounds, such as alarm clocks, smoke detectors, microwave-oven beeps, laughs, car alarms, and whistles.

Black Headed Caique

Getting a White Bellied Caique is like stepping into a world of absolute silliness. These cute little parrots are the main clowns in the entire parrot world. With their goofy, affectionate and playful nature, they capture the hearts of owners worldwide.


Typically they are Social, Mischievous, Energetic, Affectionate, and Cuddly.

White Bellied Caique
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